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Prévention du suicide

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Prévention du suicide
Martinus Mooijekind
Canada, QC

Received August 16, 2020. Parentage: ‘Faith Fenton’ open pollinated. Grown from seeds provided by André Laurion. First flowering 2017. Anemone flower form. Three flowers per stem. Guard petals white, with a central ball of narrow, pale yellow petaloids. Flower size 9 inches (22 cm). Carpels pale green, with pink stigmas. Pleasant but discreet fragrance. Strong stems, 82 cm high (32 inches). Mid-season flowering. Named for the annual International Suicide Prevention Day with the collaboration of the Suicide Prevention Society and Le Tournant. “For many people flowers have the ability to convey our feelings and thoughts much better than words. Depending on the occasion, each flower has its own meaning and allows us to offer our thoughts to our loved ones. Suicide being unfortunately irreversible, it could be relevant for many people to express their concerns to their loved one by giving them a flower for which the symbolism is suicide prevention. Perhaps this could facilitate the exchange between two beings who love each other and want to help each other without being able to say it in words. In this sense, this peony will become the symbol of a cause, facilitate communication and who knows, possibly prevent suicide.” — Sébastien Piché, Deputy Director – Le Tournant.

Reference: 2020-DIR:16