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Hans-Guenter Maschke
Herbaceous Hybrid

Received March 24, 2020. Seedling ORP-1. Parentage: (P. officinalis Rubra Plena x P. peregrina) F2. First bloomed around 2000. First propagated 2007. All anthers are uniformly broadened, some 1/12 inch (2 mm) wide, curled and with pollen-bearing edges. Filaments not modified. Flower resembles the Japanese form due to broadened and curled anthers, but there is ample pollen and true staminodes are absent, thus placing it in the SINGLE class if shown at exhibition. Glowing red petals are 2 inches (5 cm) wide, the flower made up of 10-15 petals. One flower per stem, cupped, 5 inches (12½ cm) in size, not fragrant. Three carpels pale green, moderately hairy, stigmas light red. Disc well developed, white. Stamens in the first stage of all-over transformation. Filaments ¾ inches (20 mm) long, red. Anthers ? inches (10 mm), red, pollen bearing edges yellow. Blooms early season, together with P. officinalis Rubra Plena. Presumed tetraploid. Fertile both ways. Has produced seedlings showing fully transformed stamens . Upright growth to 30 inches (75 cm), support not needed. Emerging foliage copper. Leaves usually triternate with up to 14 leaflets, narrow pointed, 4 ½ inches (12 cm) long, 2 inches (5 cm) wide. Has had limited prior distribution under current name. Named to honor Marie Seeliger, the maternal grandmother of originator’s wife. “Mariechen” is the diminutive of Marie, thus a term of endearment.

Reference: 2020-DIR:29