Peony Registry

Don Hollingsworth / Jeaninne Lemmens
Herbaceous Hybrid

Received January 29, 2020. Hollingsworth number 3051. Parentage: ‘Salmon Dream’ x ‘Pink Vanguard’. First year bloomed 2001, first propagated 2001. Rose-pink DOUBLE flowers (RHS:73A) typically bloom EARLY to EARLY MIDSEASON, a season not heavily populated with doubled flower forms. Flowers 5½-6½ inches in size (14-16 cm) are normally borne one per stem, but side buds may occur. Buds are cone-shaped with overlapping petals giving a scaled appearance as it matures to opening. As flowers mature, petals develop a frosted edge. Soft pleasant fragrance. Carpels 3-5 in number, light green, with pink stigmas, some showing evidence of transformation, but others near normal. Some pollen-bearing stamens remain interspersed among petals. Viable seeds are produced, but not consistently so. Early foliage washed burgundy with a bronze sheen remaining until the buds are half way mature. At time of flowering foliage is green. The broad foliage – the bottom leaves up to 6 inches long and 2¾ wide (15 x 7 cm) – is sturdy and remains healthy until late autumn. Stems, entirely clad in dense foliage, are robust and do not require any support in open field conditions. Height to 31½ inches (80 cm). Recommended as a landscape peony, though straight stems with flowers held above the foliage suggests cut flower potential. Received Seedling Award, APS Convention, Bloomington, Minnesota, 2008. The name comes from the idea that light brings happiness and joy, and that these emotions are radiated by the flower’s luminous color tone and care-free appearance.

Reference: 2020-DIR:29