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Hónɡ Pán Tuō Zhū {MAROON MARBLE}

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Hónɡ Pán Tuō Zhū {MAROON MARBLE}
Xiaonan Yu, Wei Zhu, Longwei Xu, Le Chen, and Rongze Sun

Received June 23, 2021. Parentage unknown. First bloomed and propagated 2020. Blooms early to mid-season. ANEMONE flower form. Dark purple-red (maroon) color, size 6 1/3 inches (14 cm), with 1 or 2 lateral buds. Guard petals mostly smoothly rounded, obovate, average width 2 inches (5 cm). Center ball of petaloids same color as guards. Stamens absent. Average of 4 carpels, generally green, hairy. Stigmas red with normal anatomy, fertile. Seeds. Fragrance. Foliage emerges green with reddish wash, matures green, leaflets narrow, long and curly. Stems retain some purplish-red at flowering. Upright growth habit on strong stems, height to 33 1/2 inches (85 cm). The name comes from the center ball of petaloids which is considerably smaller than the “plate” formed by the guard petals. This gives the impression of a jade-red marble presented on a platter. In certain jurisdictions to be marketed with the trade name MAROON MARBLE.

Reference: 2021-DIR:7