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Eternal Spring

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Eternal Spring
Seidl / Bremer
Lutea Hybrid

Seedling Seidl #125. Parentage: Seidl #35 x Seidl #39. Pedigree: [Seidl #35 is ‘Golden Era’ x ‘Chinese Dragon’]; [Seidl #39= ‘Golden Era’ x ‘Chinese Dragon’]. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. One flower per stem, seldom a side-bud. Flower size to 6 inches (15 cm). Deep cerise-cherry single to semi-double with wavy broad petals. Small deeper colored flares. Average of 5 carpels, rose-pink stigmas and sheath. Filaments red.. Buds look like tight rose buds as they open. Flowers well displayed above and around the plant. Light fragrance. Foliage is fine, deeply dissected and pointed (large fern-like leaves). Plants are vigorous growers and form a large mound with foliage to the ground. Produces many ground shoots, some up to 8 inches from the main plant. Plant height to 4 feet in Wisconsin (122 cm). Reliable bloom, even after very cold winters which may kill many stems (stems are quickly replaced by new basal growth). Foliage remains attractive throughout the summer months and makes a wonderful landscape plant out of bloom. Named for the appearance of the plants’ fern-like foliage and clean growth. For many years thought to be only pollen fertile in the Seidl garden, but over the past several years has produced a few seeds in controlled crosses at Solaris Farms. Bill wanted this registered and distributed as both a beautiful garden subject and a breeder’s plant.

Reference: 2017-381:14