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Elizabeth Black

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Elizabeth Black
Seidl / Bremer
Herbaceous Hybrid

Received January 5, 2020. No seedling number, having always been known as Elizabeth Black in Bill Seidl’s garden. Parentage unknown, although ‘Vanilla Schnapps’ is likely the seed parent. First propagated 2016. Large DOUBLE flowers, 8 inches in size (20 cm), having petals fluted and twisted, the ends frilled and ending in sharp points. Petals light pink at the tips, grading darker towards the base. Carpels normally absent, when present poorly developed. No seeds produced to date of registration. Stamens interspersed among the petals at center. Filaments creamy-yellow. Pollen is fertile. Disc obscure or absent. No fragrance. One bloom per stem with an occasional side bud. Foliage is wide and deep green. Upright growth to 34 inches (86 mm). Thick stems generally capable of supporting the large flower, mechanical support typically not needed. This was one of the last herbaceous seedling Bill grew from his own crosses. Named for Pittsburgh artist, Elizabeth Black who volunteered for the American Red Cross efforts during World War II. While overseas she sketched hundreds of military personnel, with the intent of sending the portraits back to worried family members. Many of the portraits did find their way home, but a number never were reunited with their families. Years later her son discovered the undelivered portraits among Elizabeth’s memorabilia. Today a concerted effort is being made to repatriate the portraits with family. Bill, having served in the military, was always interested in and thankful for the efforts of those who supported the troops. Thus, he wanted to recognize and honor the efforts of Elizabeth Black with this peony registration.

Reference: 2020-DIR:26